Emeli Dral

Special guest

As a Co-founder and CTO at Evidently AI, Emeli Dral focuses on building tools to help machine learning teams analyze the behavior of their models and monitor them in production.

As a machine learning instructor, she co-authored a Coursera specialisation with over 100K students and co-founded Data Mining in Action, that grew to become the largest open offline program in data science in CIS.

She has built and led 50+ applied ML projects in different industries, from e-commerce and telecoms to industrial manufacturing.

She has been an invited speaker on applied machine learning at various conferences. Some recent highlights include Data Workshop Club Conference (Warsaw, 2019), Future of Aluminium (Warsaw, 2019), Toronto Machine Learning Summit (2020), DataNatives (Berlin, 2020), OpenTalks.AI (Moscow, 2021).

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